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We plant a tree in the Shea belt for every

charcoal product ordered from our store.

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    Our Brand Story

    The African Shea tree has been a source of livelihood to millions of local people in the Shea Belt over the centuries. A single tree takes 25 years to mature and can live for over 150 years. It has supplied the miracle skincare ingredient we know as shea butter, which is used all over the world.

    Sadly, due to its excellent wood qualities, it has become a target of extreme exploitation. Over a million shea trees are cut down yearly to make charcoal. This has led to loss of livelihood and ecological habitat for many local women and species.
    There’s also acute deforestation leading to erosions and other climate problems.

    The Bushfired brand was created to help solve this problem. Before now, once local women crack the shea nuts and extract the kernels, they dump the husks as wastes in landfills, generating millions of tons of greenhouse gases during long decomposition. We found a way of converting these husks into sustainable charcoal briquettes.

    We have also grown to include 100% sustainable premium Lumpwood charcoal in our products range. They are produced from strictly sustainable sources which may sometimes mean we do not have huge supplies like the traditional big charcoal
    companies. However, we choose the people and planet over profits. We are committed to tree planting in the shea belt.

    Today, our local factory employs more women than men. These women actually lead technical production processes. Nationally, this happens in less than 1% of factories. We are happy to be a force for good.

    By buying and using our charcoal products, you are able to help ensure that as much of the shea nut plant is used and less waste is generated, thereby saving the planet; whilst also helping the uplifting of the lives of local women who rely on the proceeds from sales and employment in our factory.

    Free Shipping On Orders Over £50

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