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    Chimney BBQ Starter

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    We strongly advise the use of chimneys when you are lighting your briquettes. Research shows they typically do it in half the time it would take to do the same lighting in an open space.

    User-Friendly: Say goodbye to the hassle of purchasing flammable liquid bottles for your charcoal briquettes. With our charcoal starter, all you need is some newspapers or paper, eliminating the need for additional accelerants. 

    Efficiency at its Best: The galvanized steel charcoal starter utilizes the chimney principle, ensuring the quickest possible start to your BBQ. In just 15-20 minutes, your coals will be red-hot and ready to go. 

    Generous Capacity: This charcoal starter boasts a large canister that can hold up to 4 pounds of coal, providing you with substantial grilling capacity. 

    Durable and Portable: Zinc-plated for rust resistance and extended lifespan, this product is designed to withstand the test of time. Its portability makes it suitable for various occasions, from BBQs and parties to car camping adventures. 

    Customer Care Excellence: We are committed to delivering premium products and providing impeccable customer care. Experience the convenience and efficiency of our charcoal starter today – no more waiting, just enjoy your ideal grilling experience!

    Customer Reviews

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    Nor Slater

    Chimney BBQ Starter is fantastic. Efficient, quick, and safe alternative to lighter fluid. A must-have for BBQ enthusiasts.


    Love my Chimney BBQ Starter! Easy to use, gets charcoal hot fast, and no chemical taste on food. Highly recommend.


    Impressed by the efficiency of the Chimney BBQ Starter. Sturdy, heats charcoal evenly, and makes grilling hassle-free.


    No more struggling with lighter fluid thanks to the Chimney BBQ Starter. Easy, fast, and ensures perfect charcoal every time.


    The Chimney BBQ Starter is a game-changer. Quickly lights charcoal without lighter fluid, making grilling safer and more efficient.

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